It is a public, not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide in partnership with other community structures support regarding the promotion of education, health care, sport, youth development, community welfare and reconciliation in the Swellendam Municipal Area. This aim is pursued with consideration to the fact that the poorest inhabitants are often most in need of assistance and are best informed of possible solutions to their problems.

In addition the Railton Foundation Swellendam aims to, where possible and necessary, stimulate, support and undertake skills development, small business development and crime prevention programmes.


The Railton Foundation was founded in 2006 after a Dutch lawyer had travelled through South Africa and decided to start an NGO in Swellendam which could assist with community development in Railton/Swellendam.   The strategy was to provide financial   assistance to projects and NGOs with a proven record of meritorious service to indigent inhabitants of especially Railton.

The beneficiaries of this funding over the years, included a TV training programme, a structure that teaches youth in Railton to play musical instruments, a local bursary fund, a community research project in 2010, a structure promoting reconciliation, a community action programme, a church brigade, a reading/literacy programme at a school and a leadership programme for school-going youth.

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