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This project endeavours to provide an opportunity for primary school learners who otherwise would not have been interested to actively participate in sport and in doing so, identify talent in various sporting codes and send them on their path to realise some of their dreams.


This project was introduced at the Bontebok Primary School in the 2nd term in 2015 until the end of the last term. The new school, VRT Pitt Primary School was openend in January 2016 and being a new centre for education, the systems for sports development was not in place at the time. Due to its background and the track record of the team at Bontebok Primary, a request was then submitted to the Foundation to assist with the basic sports development needs.

Being a new school located in a fairly new suburb/township of Railton, with an integrated community both socially and racially, it is faced with the social and environmental challenges at home and in the community. The project therefore endeavours to address some of the challenges by offering the learners an alternative by keeping them constructively occupied after school with sports activities.

The project implementation started in the 1st term of 2016 and is on- going during the school terms of the academic year.


  • Development of rugby, soccer and netball at grassroots level
  • Help to identify and improve challenging areas of development in different sporting codes
  • Assist with the transition from development phase to leagues/tournaments
  • Provide opportunity for learners who would otherwise not have participated in sport
  • Talent identification sport
  • Develop and promote participation inside and outside of Swellendam
  • Develop confidence in learners
  • Build team spirit
  • Promote healthy lifestyle
  • Keep learners busy to minimise exposure to social ills
  • Identify and provide exposure to other life skills opportunities
  • Foster community support amongst parents, school and the Foundation
  • Promote social cohesion
  • Promote community empowerment


  • Stimulate participation in sport amongst the learners
  • Develop an interest in sport amongst learners
  • Foster a healthy body and mind in learners to assist with academic development
  • Develop team dynamics
  • Assist with personal development of learners
  • Give the learners exposure to different sporting codes and events
  • Develop pride and ownership in the learners
  • Provide alternative to prevent exposure to social ills
  • Promote youth involvement and participation
  • Foster better family support and interaction
  • Increase community involvement in the development of their children
  • Provide alternative sports and recreational activities
  • Build better relationships
  • Bridge the racial, social and sexual divides in order to promote integration
  • Foster other stakeholder relationships
  • Promote the projects and brand of the Foundation
  • Provide training opportunities
  • Resource building (equipment, staff, transport, etcetera)
  • Job creation
  • Promote entrepreneurship and income generation
  • Opportunity for seasoned players to get involved
  • Opportunity to attract people from outside of the Swellendam Municipal area
  • Create marketing opportunities for stakeholders and the Foundation