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Railton Foundation Swellendam hosted the 3rd dance Competition at the Community Carnival on the 31st of August 2019 at the Bontebok Primary Sportsgrounds.
Contestants from Swellendam, Kensington, Cape Town and Suurbraak entered for the competition and a total of 7 crews and 2 solos participated. The atmosphere at the event was electric but also in very good spirit thanks to the Program Director, Maurice Paige (Suidooster actor) who really rocked! The sound and stage were on point thanks to our service providers, Peninsula Beverages (Coke) and Graham Sound & Stage respectively.
The independent judging panel consisted of Lauren Joseph (Zoe in Suidooster), Nolan Jacobs (2019 International Dance Star solo winner) and Barry-Lee Goetham (Hiphop Dancer and instructor). They were very impressed with the quality of the performances as well as the well-organized event and indicated that they will definitely assist the Foundation with this type of event in the future.
The winners of the 2019 competition are:
In 1st Place: Kensington Dance Crew – Prize R3000 (they successfully defended their title and took the trophy back to Cape Town)
2nd place: Identity – Prize R2000 (local Swellendam crew)
3rd place: LMNTRIX 021 – 1000 (Project 021 from Athlone)

Solo in 1st Place: Brinley Palmer

2nd Place: Johndre Booysen

We want to thank all the contestants for their participation, especially the crews that travelled from Cape Town and want to assure each one of them that they are winners in their own right because of the great sportsmanship that they displayed!

Our sponsors for the competition were (in no particular order) Clock Peaks, Chatz Connect Swellendam, Wimpy and Top Carpets. Their contribution is sincerely appreciated. A heartfelt thank you to the contestants, sponsors, staff, volunteers, community and Board of the Foundation as well as the audience for making this a memorable event to look forward to next year.

In 1st place: Kensington Dance Crew

2nd Place: Identity
3rd Place: LMNTRIX 021
Solo 1ste Place: Brinley Palmer
Solo 2nd Place: Johndre Booysen

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