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Homeless World Cup 2018

The 16th edition of the Homeless World Cup will take place in Mexico City’s iconic Zocalo, right at the heart of the Mexican capital, from November 13-18.

More than 500 players representing 47 countries will travel to Mexico City to attend the inspiring week-long festival of football, in what is promised to be one of the most spectacular Homeless World Cup tournaments yet.

The Homeless World Cup Tournament will return to the venue of the successful 2012 event, the iconic Zocalo, right in the heart of Mexico City.


We are happy to  announce that Rudi Petersen From Railton Swellendam was selected to represent South Africa at the 2018 Homeless Soccer World Cup in Mexico this year

Rudi Petersen, the eldest of five kids, is 22 years old. His love for football started in 2010 when the soccer World Cup were held in South Africa. He is also playing soccer for SWD United a soccer club in Swellendam.  He is currently volunteering as an assistant soccer coach, at Railton Foundation Swellendam’s Sport development project.


Rudi Petersen with Aviwe Ganyathi ( Soccer Player from Swellendam who represented South Africa in the 2017 Homeless world cup @Oslo-Norway )




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