Managers Newsletter

Greetings to the Community!

2017 is going to be an exciting and very important year for the Foundation. We have the pleasure to announce our organisational staff developments. Two of our staff members decided to invest in their future and are now full time students. Bradley Booysen is studying towards a qualification as an Auxiliary Social Worker at Huguenot College and Joshua Slingers towards a diploma in Marketing Management at Boland College. Percy Isaacs and Marry-ann Klaasen joined us full time as Project Coordinator and Administrative Assistant respectively. Jason Booysen has been appointed as the General and Financial Admin Clerk/Project Coordinator. Needless to say, we have a dynamic team to promote and advance the objectives of the Foundation in collaboration with the Board members and the continued support of Thomas van der Ven, President of the Railton Stichting Netherlands.

Our first official volunteers, Li-an Minies and Samantha Klaasen, are already making a very valuable contribution to the team and project implementation. We invite members of the community to contact our Manager if they wish to join our team and commit to make a difference in the lives of their community. The Community Works Programme (CWP) also allocated 10 additional people to assist our team and they will also have an opportunity to develop themselves by participating in our projects.

Our developmental projects in Arts and Culture, Sport and Learner Education Support have already commenced and are in full swing. The vegetable gardens at the Swellendam Hospital and GEMKOR are producing good harvests for the benefit of the community. The planning for the first Social Evening on 24 February 2017 is in an advanced stage and the information will be distributed in the next two weeks.
We are grateful to our partners, stakeholders and sponsors for strengthening and enhancing our work and we are very happy to announce that more individuals, corporate companies, like minded civil society organisations, government and government agencies acknowledge the work of the Foundation and expressed their intentions to support us and help us to make the Foundation a sustainable organisation that can continue the development of the broader community.

The 2017 planning programme includes our usual programmes as well as new exciting leadership development workshops and camps for the learners and youth, training and development opportunities, coaching clinics for the different sporting codes, community outreach programmes, celebrating commemorative days, holiday programmes, fundraising events and many more!!
Thank you for supporting Railton Foundation Swellendam.

“From the community, with the community”