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Railton Foundation Swellendam, for the past 4 years, is the patron and mentor of the Swellendam Youth Council as represented by learners from Swellendam Secondary School, Swellendam High School and Olyfkrans College.

The 2018 Swellendam Youth Council was duly elected on Monday, 16 April 2018 and the objectives in terms of its Constitution are as follows:

  1. To promote collaboration between the learners of the 3 high schools in Swellendam;
  2. To provide a forum for local learners to identify and discuss topical issues that affect the youth and/or the broader community;
  3. To develop and coordinate effective projects/programmes to address the needs of the youth and/or community, particularly in the areas of sport, cultural and social matters; and
  4. To promote reconciliation in the community.

The members of the newly elected Swellendam Youth Council:

Robyn de Koker (Chairperson)   – Swellendam H.S

Sipho Allingham (Vice-chairperson)   – Olyfkrans College

Keacha Karriem (Secretary) – Swellendam H.S

Wisdom George (Treasurer)  – Olyfkrans College

Nigel Visser (Treasurer)  – Swellendam S.S

Sharida Slingers  – Swellendam S.S

Dewayne Siegelaar  – Swellendam S.S

Tracy-lee Uren  – Swellendam H.S

Nicholas Keshwar  – Olyfkrans College

Fazlin Adams – Swellendam S.S

Makylah Dirks – Swellendam H.S

Siya Mpinda  – Olyfkrans College

We wish them success for the year and trust that the school and community will support them in their endeavours.

 “From the Community, With the Community”

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