• raised R20.000,00
  • Goal R100.000,00

Campaign description

The project aims to identify and develop talent as well as provide a platform to the community members of the Railton and broader Swellendam area to showcase their talents.


This project endeavours to identify and develop talent as well as provide a platform to the community members of the Railton and broader Swellendam area to showcase their talents. The community of Railton do not enjoy the privilege of regular events that expose them to arts and culture activities and/or productions; hence the stimulation of interest in this sector is limited.

The Foundation currently hosts a monthly Social Evening for the youth in Railton. This project started in October 2015 and is still on-going and has seen an increase in youth participation and support by the community and stakeholders, and has become the monthly platform for showcasing talent uncovered with the project and for talent scouts to identify potential individuals/groups for development.

The Foundation expanded the project and started with development on the 8th of November 2016 at the Thusong Centre in Swellendam on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, free of charge for the benefit of the youth and broader community. We aim to assist with the prevention of social ills such as substance abuse, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, etc.


  • Address the need for artistic and cultural development.
  • Uncover and develop talent in the community.
  • Provide a vehicle for artists in the communities to showcase their talents at competitions/events and proposed future arts and culture events.
  • Create a safe, protective and nurturing environment for children.
  • Nurture well balanced and respectful behaviour and discipline.
  • Promote social interaction with children and youth from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Foster the involvement and active participation of parents in the development of their children and the youth.
  • Promote community empowerment and awareness
  • Alleviate the exposure to social ills
  • Contribute to the development of human capital
  • Provide life-enriching opportunities to the community through traditional and contemporary arts and culture initiatives
  • Create a platform to promote cultural and traditional integration
  • Provide entertainment and recreation
  • Job creation
  • Compile a portfolio of evidence
  • Build longstanding relationship with all stakeholders

Potential impact:

  • Development of potential artists
  • Provide a regular platform for showcasing arts and culture
  • Youth skills development in the arts and culture sector
  • Stimulate an interest in arts amongst the youth including the disabled and vulnerable people
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for artists to perform at events
  • Provide entertainment to the community
  • Provide alternative activities to prevent exposure to social ills
  • Increase youth involvement and participation
  • Foster better family support and interaction
  • Increase community involvement in the development of their children and youth
  • Better stakeholder interphase
  • Social cohesion
  • Projects and brand promotion of the Foundation
  • Participate in tourism development opportunities
  • Training opportunities for staff
  • Resource building (equipment, staff, transport, etcetera)
  • Job creation
  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Attract more people from outside of the Swellendam Municipal area
  • Marketing opportunities for stakeholders
  • Create and implement events