• raised R20.000,00
  • Goal R100.000,00

Campaign description

The project aims to render support with homework assignments to Gr1 to Gr 7 learners after hours at the school in a safe and conducive environment.


The need for a safe and conducive environment to assist learners of the school has been identified in 2015.

Educators conceded that the social and environmental challenges at home and in the community, impeded upon some learners to complete their homework as well as study opportunities after hours.

The Foundation subsequently consulted the principal and educators at the school and offered to address this challenge by assisting the learners with completing their homework after school and helping them with challenges that they have as far as reading and writing are concerned with the guidance of educators on any assistance that could complement the development of the learners.

The project implementation started in the 2nd term of 2015 and the Principal indicated that the programme adds value to the learners and the school community because there was an improvement in the 2015 and 2016 pass rate for the participating learners and he therefor indicated that the programme should continue in 2017.

The project commenced again in February 2017 and is on- going during school terms of the academic year.


  • Assist with daily homework in different subjects after school in safe and conducive environment
  • Stimulate the learner and identify challenges
  • Improve reading skills
  • Support for the learners, educators and parents
  • Parents support
  • Foster respect and confidence
  • Increase parents’ involvement in the development of their children
  • Improve academic results
  • Provide weekly recreational activities of an educational nature

Potential impact:

  • Improved academic results for learner and the school
  • Individual attention and support for the learner
  • Improve reading skills
  • Identify problem areas and assist with support of educators to address same
  • Improve learners confidence
  • Win the trust of learners
  • Instil a sense of responsibility in learners to take responsibility for their homework
  • Improve cooperation and communication between learners, parents, educators and the Foundation
  • Promote parents’ involvement in their children’s academic career
  • Provide a safe and conducive environment
  • Teach learners time management
  • Provide a consistent and sustainable program for learners
  • Provide food security
  • Provide constructive activities for learners who do not have homework at any given day
  • Make education more fun for the learners
  • Opportunity to provide awareness programmes (substance and sexual abuse, health, etc.)