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Railton Foundation Leadership Course at Grootvadersbosch

Part of the group of young people with Thomas van der Ven (President: Railton Foundation Netherlands),  Alpha Fransman (Manager: Railton Foundation Swellendam,  Irma de Lange (Presenter on behalf of the Western Cape Parliament),  Petunia Modisha (Guide on behalf of Grootvadersbosch).    

The Railton Foundation, in partnership with the Western Cape Parliament Public Education and Outreach Unit and the Swellendam Youth Council, organised a youth leadership course on Friday, 17 March and Saturday, 18 March 2017.  Although it was held during a long weekend, basically all of those who enrolled were there.  The thirty-three young people who attended, indicated that they were immensely satisfied with the course.  The aspects that stood out for them, were the excellent organisation (including transport and refreshments), the professional presentation by Irma de Lange and the pleasant learning experience while walking through the Grootvadersbosch under the guidance of Petunia Modisha.

The staff of the Railton Foundation Swellendam and the members of the Swellendam Youth Council contributed substantially to making this a very successful function.