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Railton Foundation, in collaboration with and the support of our valued stakeholders and sponsors (local and abroad), hosted 150 kids at the Table of Joy. St. Luke’s Anglican Church availed the church grounds for this initiative.

This day was set aside for the kids and they joined in with the singing of Christmas carols and listened to the story of the birth of Baby Jesus that was told by Peter-John Davids from Heidelberg.  They then enjoyed a scrumptious sit down Xmas lunch at the beautifully decorated tables and the lunch was prepared and served by the sponsors and stakeholders present at this occasion. Dear old father Xmas pitched in and helped with the distribution of the gifts that consisted of a toy, toiletries, and a snack pack. The joy and surprise on the faces of the kids were priceless.

It is with Joy and Thanksgiving in our hearts that our Railton Foundation Team and Board express their gratitude to each and every one who heeded the call to be involved in this act of love.

                               “From the Community, With the Community”



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