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Ms Shihaam Domingo of the Domingo Effect and the producer of “Die Riel van Hip Hop” that was showcased on 29 April 2017 as part of “Die Suidoosterfees” at the Artscape in Cape Town, extended an invitation to Railton Foundation Swellendam, to take 100 youth to see the production.

Shihaam, in her own words, said and I quote “Die Riel van Hip Hop” is a celebration of our rich diversity through the collaboration of the Riel Dance (one of the oldest recorded traditional dance forms) and Hip Hop (one of the most popular art and expression platforms for youth the world over). This innovative production incorporates the animated storytelling of the Riel Dance with the foundation of Hip Hop through creative spoken word, dance visual art and social commentary”.  

We were blessed with a donation and could book the first bus and accommodate 60 participants from our different projects. On Friday morning, Shihaam informed me that she secured a sponsor for the second bus and we could eventually take 107 youth and senior citizens to see the production.

For most of the participants it was the 1st time that they visited the Artscape and experience a production of this nature and for some it was the 1st time that they visited Cape Town. Our senior citizens were overjoyed to be part of this opportunity.   

Everyone commented on the stunning performances of the artists, the musical arrangements, the effects and “Die Betjies van Betjiesfontein”, riel dancers from Clanwilliam.

The community of Swellendam, the staff and Board members of Railton Foundation, wishes to thank Shihaam Domingo, her team and the sponsors for making this opportunity possible.

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